Blustyle Living Stones Blue Origin Naturale

Living Stones is a journey through Europe, in search of the most beautiful natural stones on the continent that Blustyle has selected and presented in a porcelain stoneware tile. We begin our journey on the warm shores of the Spanish Mediterranean from which Light Cream originates, a European Cream limestone of rare beauty and with solar shades. Next, in the heart of France, in Burgundy, surrounded by green hills and streams, slowly formed over the millennia we have Stone Beach, sunset-coloured and with the refined veining of Chamesson limestone. We now head up, eastward, to Wallonia, with Blue Origin we can savour the Nordic elegance of the pierre bleue hidden among dense forests rich in coal and shell sediments. Now we take to the skies, from above, we head south again and soar over the Italian volcanic islands where Basalt Grey originates, magmatic rock with intense lava shades rendered by the cooling process. Four different modern and versatile stones that are imprinted by the nature that generated them and which combine perfectly with contemporary styles. Living Stones is produced in three sizes (90×90, 45×90, 60×60) and three finishes: 10 and 11 mm in versions Naturale and Lappata and the new 20mm in the Grip finish, highly-resistant and non-slip, perfect for any outdoor flooring.


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